18 Mar

After a person has been arrested and been through all the necessary booking and processing procedures, they should then be allowed to make a phone call. During this time, that person can call anyone like friends or a family member. The next thing to do is for that person who was contacted to get in contact to a bail bonds company in order to schedule for their release from jail. Hiring a bail bonds company may require a lot of trial and error before you finally find one who will help you effectively and professionally. Make sure to check out bail bonds san antonio texas

When a defendant is finally allowed to contact a family or friend, they must provide these information, namely full legal name, date of birth, social security number, the person who arrested them (ex. sheriff, police, highway patrol), the reason for their arrest as well as where they are being held. If it is possible to give their booking number and bail amount, this will also help hasten the bailing out process. All the aforementioned information is required for the bondsman in order to get the defendant released from jail as fast as possible.

When the bond is posted by a friend or a family member, they are involved into a contract with the bail bondsman. The bail bond contract is intended to ensure the bail agent and the court that the defendant will show up to their future court dates. Before anyone signs the contract, the bondsman will see to it that the co-signer (this can refer to the friend or a family member) fully understands their commitment. In addition, the bondsman will also clarify to the co-signer that if in case the defendant does not show up, then the co-signer will shoulder the full bond amount. After the signing, the bail bondsman will then post the bond so as to guarantee the release of the defendant. Go to this website for useful info. 

After all of this is performed, the sole responsibility of the defendant is to attend the scheduled court date. If the defendant failed to do so, the co-signer will pay the full bail amount. However, if the defendant is found and recovered within a certain time period, the co-signer will also shoulder the additional expenses incurred of the bail agent to find the defendant. If the defendant is recovered, they will be instantly put to jail without the option of a bail bond this time. Here are some of the differences between a cash bail and a bail bond: https://youtu.be/_w3sX28S_ak

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